Audit Trail

Transparent Record Management

We understand how important transparency is to your building. See how our tools help you successfully implement a transparent records strategy.

Reduce Risk

A digital records management strategy allows your building to set new standards regarding financial governance that is based on openness and transparency. Easily accessible procurement records reduce vulnerability to risks related to financial mismanagement that can prove to be costly for your condominium.

Easily verifiable and Transparent

The Condolytics database is designed with a key imperative in mind-transparency. Our smart digital system automatically records all vendor records, contracts, invoices, quotations (RFQs) and bids, making it secure and user friendly. Stored records of all data is accessible, non-removable and easily verifiable for the entire life-cycle of a building.

Secure System of Record

Expenditure activities of a building are usually spread across several platforms, including accounting software, emails, paper based invoicing, and more. Condolytics keeps a trail of all vendor transactions. See exactly what you are paying for while reducing the risk of vague invoicing and invoice fraud.