Condolytics  provides  buildings  with  a  digital  approach  to  spend  management  with  a  focus  on data  collection

Condolytics offers a new way to improve your condominiums spend culture with a focus on data collection that can help the management team understand a buildings infrastructure challenges and improvement opportunities.

Core Features

Real-Time Spend Visibility

real time spend visibility

Get a clear idea on what portion of your budgets are spent in real time and with the breakdown of the history you can analyze the data and find ways to get the best bang for the buck.

Infrastructure Data Collection

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Procuring operational expenditures gives your building an advantage in data collection that can help current and future board members understand a buildings infrastructure challenges.

Proactive Fiscal Control

Centralised Purchase Approval Icon

With all your Condominiums purchasing needs stored in a single place, you can reduce email use increase efficiency and create a better record in the approval process.

Two way Matching

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Easily Two- Way-Match invoices received from vendors with the purchase order or quote approved. Our system allows you to easily verify expenses in a simple and effective transparent process.